Please use the Myra Size Guides as an estimate as to what size to purchase, as styles, sizes and cuts vary between each individual item and may not be consistent with the size guide measurements.
• If you are unsure & require further assistant regarding your sizes and measurements our customer service team are more than happy to help you. Please contact them via our contact page
• All Myra Swim garments are physically labeled with AUS sizing labels, unless stated otherwise.
• Our sizes run in five standard sizes. Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.
• All pieces are standard sizing unless advised on the item description.
We suggest to read all garment item descriptions online to avoid ordering the wrong size.
• Seamless finishes give a super stretchy feel and can stretch out to 1 size bigger (returning back to normal size when taken off)
• Due to our minimal cut & coverage style we suggest larger busts going up one size to your normal t-shirt size unless you are comfortable with minimal coverage.
• Please note XS & XL sizes are slowly being introduced into our stock so any questions regarding these sizes please contact our customer service team. If you do not see a selected style in the extended sizes please contact our customer service team to be advised if it will be stocked any time soon.  


• When selecting kids sizes, choose the size closest to your child's age.
• If your child is in-between sizes and you are unsure what size to buy, we recommend sizing up, to accommodate your growing child.
• If your child has a longer torso we suggest going up 1 size in our one pieces.
• If your child is 11+ , we recommend a women's XS


Myra Swim swimwear is made to fit and feel like a second skin. For ultimate comfort and durability all year round. Myra Swim fabrics are high quality Nylon spandex and with a seamless finish are made to stretch and mould to any body type. You will find our sizes are super stretchy to fit all curves with out giving you that dug into skin look. 


Caring for your swimwear is important. Make sure you follow the simple steps to keeping your swimwear clean and fresh for summer use.
• Do not iron or leave in sun.
• Hand wash garments in cold soapy water, rinse after.
• Do not wash in warm or hot water.
• Lay flat out of direct sunlight to dry.
• Make sure after leaving the beach that all sand is removed from garment as this can dry out the fabric.
• Do not dry clean garments
• Store in a dry place where air flows frequently to avoid moisture from building in garments.
• Do not leave in direct sunlight. 
• Avoid contact with sunscreens, oils & chlorine- this may cause colour to fade and damage material.
• Avoid contact with rough surfaces. EG- rocks, pebble/ stone pool surfaces. We do not take responsibility for balling of fabrics when made in contact with rough surfaces. 
• We recommend to avoid contact with warm/hot water or sauna-like conditions.
• Any garments with zips must be washed to remove sand from zips
• Wear with confidence we made these pieces with love for you to enjoy!